‘Fry You Like Fish @ The Jam’


Urban/Dance + Harry Hill = Greasy Geezers

Fry You Like Fish @ The Jam is a dance/electro pop adaptation of the 1991 Hip-hop single by Caveman ‘Fry You Like Fish’. With new lyrics and a 2011 urban dance flavour, it’s a totally new song with attitude. In the 1990’s Caveman were a pioneering UK rap group introduced by Tim Westwood. It has been 20 years since the original Hip-hop track was released.

In the early 00’s Greasy Geezers were actually a label working with artists such as DJ Iron and Mathieu Karsenti now music composer for 2009 X-Factor winners Diversity.

From 2010 Greasy Geezers diversified to become a production unit that has created a radio friendly urban/dance cut with a hint of that raw street vibe.

The song title suggests humour and you could be right in thinking this, however the sound is almost sinister-like in its representation of the UK urban flavour. Fry you like fish means ‘something is cooking’ and that is a growling baseline with catchy hooks ready for the clubs …‘lose the negative’ and ‘get the positive’. It’s a genre synergy of humour, golden rap flow over heavy dance beats.

Greasy Geezers are a production unit with a twist; uniquely they are virally represented as comedic characters online that present all their dance releases. Producers of the track and members of the greasy crew are Videoface whose previous offerings include the tribute anthem for Norman Jay (MBE) on the BBC London 94.9 radio show ‘Half is Mine’ (2005).

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